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How to set up a supermarket? We answer this question for you. Supermarket setup is a tedious job. Software, furniture Setup, stock purchasing, vendor recognition, display management etc; there are number of things which we need to look upon and all these factors are connected to each other. So we need to take care of all these things keeping in mind Customer Psychology and Behavior, Business Polices, Purchasing Habits, Market Trends and Regionalism. There are many things which can go wrong if the first step itself is wrong. And our way of working is, we manage all these things for you right from the scratch to the first billing of Customer. And if you need further assistance after opening of your store, Please Check Post-Opening Consultation.

Layout and Floor Plan

Supermarket design and floor plan is the most important aspect while setting up a supermarket. One particular supermarket setup needs various types of layouts & Floor plans for a perfect design e.g. Furniture layout, Electrical Layout, Display layout, Category Layout, Floor Layout, Mix Layouts etc.

-Layout is the most essential piece in the success of any supermarket. Our architect will get in touch with you if you have any special requirement. Layout design have to be given due care as furniture is kept according to the categories we are going to place. Grace and efficiency of the store can only be achieved by the combination of variety of furniture e.g. racks, gondola, dump bin, pallets, vertical bins, impulse racks etc.

Electrical layout is equally important. We make the entire detailed electrical layout which will cover the light trail, refrigerator, camera positioning, ducting or AC area positioning and covered area, ideal position of fans etc. We will make every single layout for your store and we will send you the separate list of every single material required.


  1. Reflect the Exclusivity of Your Brand.
  2. Engage Customers and Bring Them in to Your Store.
  3. Encourage Impulse Buys.
  4. Longer Shopping Sprees.
  5. Helps You Make the Most of Your Space.
  1. Ideas of Visuals.
  2. Floor plan is a guide.
  3. Less Scope of Errors.
  4. Gives better understanding of the circulation space.
  5. It is a communicator for the technical people.

Category and Products

Furniture Selection: Supermarket racks and furniture are of various qualities in terms of strength, load bearing capacity, life of the color coated, reusability etc. Furniture material should also be given care while selecting. Many factors are involved while selecting the material like categories we are going to put in our supermarket, moisture in the atmosphere etc.

Furniture selection plays a very important role in the look and feel of the store and in the budget. There are many types of furniture like wooden,

metal, Indian manufactured, imported, premium, general etc. varying in cost, strength, life etc. Along with the furniture and furniture accessories is also equally important for the placement of categories. We will connect you with various vendors and provide you every necessary detail with the furniture material and quality also the quotations. Final call will be of course yours.

Hardware and Software

Software Selection: MIS Report, Functionality, Inventory Management, database and ease:

Software is a backend business. Stronger the back end better the business. Software selection is very critical for any supermarket. An MIS report has to be accurate and to get the accurate MIS reports; data entry formats and structure provided by the software is very important. E.g. 1 particular product will have a category, sub category, sub to sub category like flavor, then size etc. so software should have all these structures in place. Supermarket has many more prerequisites for the software and software is selected accordingly.

Software will help you in the following:

  1. Easier Inventory Management.
  2. Bill and price management.
  3. Predicting the business necessities.
  4. At store POS.
  5. Maintaining contacts etc.
  6. Barcode management.
  7. Loyalty Management.
  8. Operational efficiency.
  9. Data security.
  10. Add-ons etc.

Staff Training and SOPs

Your retail staffis frontline troops to win and keep customers. So it makes sense to pay close attention to the way they interact with customers. It can take years for young employees to acquire top-notch customer service through ‘on the job’ learning alone.

Staff management and SOPs for staff helps your store achieve maximum efficiency. SOPs of store, SOPs of the offers and schemes, refilling etc. are very important for the smooth functioning of the store.

We prepare a department wise staff list for you with the average salary and complete SOPs. We share the complete SOPs of the store and for the employees with you; so the owner knows the functionality of the store correctly.

Display Managment

Display and Merchandising: Display and merchandising depends on many factors like business policy (HLPP & EDLPP), Customer psychology, pricings, MIS reports etc. Shelf talker, category indicator, Pilferage and waste management are also a part of merchandising.

Display & merchandising is the most effective way of selling. What people buy largely depends on how the products are displayed. Lot of study goes into the display and merchandising because it greatly depends on customer behavior and psychology. After the lots of study and analysis of customer behavioral patterns, we exactly know placement of the products where it will sell more. We will also share the insights about merchandising, importance of eye level, lower level racks etc. Section creations and separation of products also is of great importance. Importance of shelf talker and category indicator is also a part of merchandising.

Pilferage is a very common issue for every supermarket. Display system has a power to lower the pilferage and wastage loss.

MIS Reports and Status

Reordering and refilling:

We are your supermarket setup consultants. So it is equally important for us to setup to not just arrange the initial stock but also provide you the system to run the supermarket. We have an experience rich team. Supermarkets are mainly about groceries in India. NBA is the best grocery business consultant firm in India.  We share the MBQs (Minimum base Quantity) with you for every product and share the entire system with you to form your own MBQs which will help you greatly in the reordering of FMCG products and refilling of the groceries. It is very important to have this system in place to avoid over stock situation and for the better inventory management. We are the supermarket consulting group which will explain you all.


Purchasing is the most critical part for any supermarket or retail chain. Purchase has to be carefully executed with the following considerations to factors like Category wise area allotment, category mix, product mix, margin mix, premium and imported products, extra categories, product selection, variety maintenance, Grocery as per the area and locality, organic and premium, Budget and lot more. These all factors are taken into consideration in the making of the product list for your store.

Purchasing is the most hectic work for any supermarket. We make it very easy for you. There are 150+ companies, 20000+ products then there are imported and premium products and then comes the extra categories and similar amount of products for those. Generally this is the area where people make lots of mistakes. Mistakes generally happens in selecting the brands, selecting the products from those companies and then in the quantities of these products. We make this customized list for you. We study your area and locality and we define, suggest and quantify the products for you.

Our list will give you all answer of the following questions:
1. What to buy?

  1. How much to buy?
  2. What to avoid?
  3. How much space is allotted for which category?
  4. How to do the private labeling?
  5. How to do the stock conversion?
  6. How to manage repackaging of grocery?

Good category and product mix is very important for any supermarket. We create this mix for you along with the extra category products, premium products and imported products. We will also help you in vendor recognition.

Offers and Schemes

Material & Equipment:

There are many other infrastructural requirements in a supermarket e.g. Lights, Electrical, Refrigerator, hardware and electronics etc. Every single piece of infrastructure has its own functional and astatic importance.

Supermarket is a high volume low margin business. Supermarkets need to be designed to handle a huge crowd. So hardware and other electronics should be selected in sync with the requirement of the store. We prepare a list of electronics and hardware e.g. refrigerator size with quantity, barcode scanner, thermal printer etc. with specification and budget which will be appropriate for our expected footfall.  We will connect with the vendors too. You can also work it out with your vendors.


Margin management, offers and schemes, Repackaging and private labeling; these are very things to be worked out in any supermarket.

Setting up a margin structure is a tricky job to do. There can be upto 4000 FMCG products which sells high in volume but low in margin; 400 grocery products which contribute to the 50% of sale and have different margins over different products and then there are extra categories like plastic, household steel, clothing and other extra categories which are low in sell volume but high in margin. So it becomes very important to prepare a margin structure and create a good margin mix. We create these margin structures for you to manage the store profitably and competitively.

General trade and modern trade concept contributes in the margin structure as well. Seasonal and festival offers have to be worked out separately.

Session with Mr. Gulshan Kriplani.

Learning the complete supermarket business is of utmost importance of all.

Mr. Gulshan Kriplani has the experience and expertise you are looking for. He is the third generation in this business. So it is very important to get the complete learning of the business from Gulshan himself. So we arrange a session of yours with him where he will share lots of insights of this business. We recommend not to miss it ever because this one session with take you at least two years ahead of where you are right now. And this kind of experience makes us the top notch supermarket consultant in India.

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