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Who are we?

Having devoted the greater part of his life’s existence to the Retail Industry, GK stands not merely as a Supermarket Consultant but as an exceptional Market Consultant. His extensive tenure, profound reservoir of expertise, keen intellect, and a discerning eye for the ever-shifting market dynamics render him a much-sought-after purveyor of Supermarket Solutions. GK’s adept counsel on matters of pricing strategies, merchandising, and procurement guarantees the establishment of a supermarket system that will exceed even the loftiest of expectations. Accumulating a wealth of 21 year’s experience in the realms of Retail and the Supermarket Industry, GK possesses a vast and monumental reservoir of knowledge spanning diverse sectors, including groceries and fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG).

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We envision a world where innovative display, management, and technology redefine the marketplace, fostering a better and more progressive commercial landscape for Retailers and overwhelming shopping experience for Customers.


At Namaste Business Advisory, we excel in guiding you through every facet of your supermarket journey. From procurement strategies and margin optimization to crafting enticing offers, curating product assortments, and achieving the perfect category mix within your allotted space, time, and budget, we navigate the intricate landscape of retail with a wealth of experience and knowledge.

Our seasoned team is adept at addressing these multifaceted challenges, transforming your store into the epitome of a harmonious supermarket where both customers and vendors find comfort and satisfaction. Meet Our Team, and entrust your dreams to capable hands.”


Our team

Mr Gulshan Virbhan Kriplani, Akola

Gulashan Kriplani

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Parimal Gupte

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Chetan Agrawal

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Mr. Shirish Kedia

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