Namaste Business Advisory

Frequently Asked Questions

Ideal area is 3000sq.ft for 28 primary essential categories. Minimum area in which minimart can be opened is 300sq.ft. and there is no limit for maximum area.

Minimum investment required for Supermarket is 2500 Rupees per sq.ft i.e 25 Lac for 1000sq.ft.

Consultation saves your lots of efforts, covers your lots of mistakes, opens your store much before you could have in a much better & Systematic way and most importantly it saves your lots of Money.

Namaste Business Advisory can help you in each and every stage of your supermarket. Purchasing of goods and products, maintaining margins, how to run offers and schemes, which products to keep what not to keep, how to make a perfect mix of category in a given space, time and budget  is a tricky job of business which can only be handle through the vast experience and knowledge of the same. 

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