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Supermarkets are not run or managed from the counter. Supermarket business is a number game. MIS reporting are the most essential part of any supermarket business. We help you manage, read and acquire these reports, we teach you how to read these and what to conclude from that. And finally what actions need to be taken with respect to these reports. Also Staff training, change in business policies, day to day issues can be solved and solution of every problem of the supermarket and hypermarket will be at your finger tips. In-short, we virtually manage your supermarket by providing all the assistance you need.

Offers & Schemes for the Store

Retail is a very competitive space. Hence customer acquisition is a primary concern for every store. After setting up a supermarket, Offers and schemes are very important for the store for customer acquisition. We should know which type of offers will attract the customers, how to convey it to customers and on which products we need to run offers. We will guide you on how to create and run offers in your store.  Offers will be different for different kind of stores like mini market, hypermarket etc. Offers and schemes will differ according to the size, categories locality of the store etc.

Following things will be included in this:

  1. Fastest moving products on which offers should run.
  2. Focus on Big Packs.
  3. Shelf Talker (Offer Visibility) Maintenance.
  4. Where not to give offers.
  5. Best Practices to follow to create offers.
  6. How to create offers.
  7. How to communicate offers.

Shop Layout Plan

Floor plan and demography of the store plays a very important role in the product movement. We will need a floor plan of your store to better understand the demography of the store. Accordingly, we will suggest you the changes in the store layout plan as well if required. Supermarket setup cost in India is very low; hence making changes in the layout is almost negligible as compare to the output. Floor plan correction and shuffling the categories in a running supermarket needs to be done slowly.


  1. Reflect the Exclusivity of Your Brand.
  2. Engage Customers and Bring Them in to Your Store.
  3. Encourage Impulse Buys.
  4. Longer Shopping Sprees.
  5. Helps You Make the Most of Your Space.
  6. Increases visual aspect.
  7. Floor plan is a guide.
  8. Error free store.
  9. Better circulation space.

It is a silent feature of store.

Display Management of the Store

Working of Display management and merchandising is a continuous and regular process.  NBA consultant will be working on entire merchandising and display management for better functioning and turnovers of the store. We will not just be giving the answer of how to start a supermarket but also how to run it effectively. For us every supermarket is a Namaste supermarket. Communication of the business policy, maintaining shelf talker etc. is also a part of display management.

We will be providing you the detailed information and working on the following:

  1. Which products to be at the eye level.
  2. Fastest moving products.
  3. High value products
  4. Location allocation to the categories.
  5. Area allocation to the products as per its sale – ratio.

Standard Operating Procedures & Management

Generally supermarkets don’t function properly because either the SOPs are not followed or the store does not have correct SOPs. Namaste Consultancy will provide you all these required and well researched SOPs. These SOPs will make you the supermarket expert.

Staff management and SOPs for staff helps your store achieve maximum efficiency. SOPs of store, SOPs of the offers and schemes, refilling etc. are part of the retail supermarket consultancy and are very important for the smooth functioning of the store. We prepare a department wise staff list for you with the average salary and complete SOPs. We share the complete SOPs of the store and for the employees with you; so the owner knows the functionality of the store correctly.

We will be providing you detailed SOPs & management structure for better functioning of our store and this will include the following:

  1. Standard Operating Procedure of the store.
  2. Standard Operating Procedure of the Staff.
  3. Schedulers of the Staff.
  4. Department wise Man-Power list.
  5. Department wise work allocation.

MIS (Management Information System) Reporting

The MIS reports have to be accurate and to get the accurate MIS reports; data entry formats and structure provided by the software is very important. E.g. 1 particular product will have a category, sub category, sub to sub category like form, color, flavor, size etc. so software should have all these structures in place.

Supermarket has many more prerequisites for the software and software is selected accordingly. Right software selection and study of MIS reports is very essential for supermarket business plan in India and abroad.

 We will be guiding you over the MIS reports which are backbone of every business. The following will be included under this:

  1. Standard Data Input structure.
  2. List of MIS reports which needs to be studied.
  3. Guidance over understanding of these reports.
  4. Conclusions based on the reports.

Factors to be considered for Successful operation of Supermarket

Supermarket business is not just about low pricing or offers/schemes. There are many factors to look upon before the supermarket opening and while running a Supermarket. We will help you enhancing & maintaining all those factors which will not only increase the turnovers but increase the customer satisfaction as well. Different stores will have different factors. Supermarket in Surat, Supermarket in Guwahati and Supermarket in Dehradun will have different product line. Supermarket in Jodhpur will have different functionality than Supermarket in Chennai or Kerala supermarket. Operational Solutions for supermarkets will be different from hyper market solutions. So all these factors need to be considered while designing the supermarket operations.

In-Store Branding

Supermarket Branding is not a new concept in India. Many people even from abroad call us and majorly they are concerned about how to start a supermarket business in India or how to open a supermarket in India and as India is a large grocery market, they only look for grocery consultant but in reality what is needed is the best retail consultant. Retail consultant will of course guide you in grocery and other product but as your retail consultant will guide you through even a branding process as well.  A big role is played by In-Store Branding. We will guide you on which areas & part of Supermarket requires branding.

Below things are included:

  1. Banner of Offer/Schemes.
  2. Banner of our Store Policies.
  3. Business Policies on the back of the bill.
  4. Trolley/Basket Brandings.
  5. Category indicators & Shelf Talker maintenance.

Online Business Setup Guidance

Internet and online market has opened a new avenue for this supermarket business. NBA has opened 100+ supermarkets in all over India. Online business setup made this reach possible. Now Namaste supermarkets are all over the map. Now we are not just best supermarket consultants in Pune but also we are the best supermarket consultants in Kerala, the best supermarket consultants in Chennai and we can say responsibly that we are the best retail consultants in India.

We all know that everything in this world is coming into our palms. We also need to plan for going online with our business. We will guide you on how to run an online Supermarket with our offline one.

Following things will include:

  1. Supermarket Application guidance.
  2. Home-Delivery System.
  • How to operate Subscription based model etc.

Query Resolution & Guidance

After all these things which we offer, we know that there will be number of doubts & problems you will be facing. We will guide you and provide you all necessary solutions, support and suggestions on your doubts & queries.

In case you are not in touch with NBA, just Google supermarket consultant near me and ask your queries. Our team will surely get in touch with you

Working on Product Mix and Category Mix

Leaflet/Pamphlet/Flyer Design

We are your trusted supermarket experts, dedicated to crafting monthly store offers and designing engaging leaflets that captivate your audience. Our expertise ensures that your promotions are not only enticing but also strategically tailored to boost sales and customer engagement, all while maintaining your unique brand identity. Let us elevate your retail experience with our tailored solutions.

Discount Retail Consulting (DRC)

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