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Mr. Gulshan Kriplani

(Founder & Managing Director)

After spending more than half of his life in Retail Industry GK is not just a Supermarket Consultant, he is a Retail Industry Expert. His rich experience, massive wealth of knowledge, sharp intellect and a sensitive eye for the ever changing trends of market make him a highly sort after Supermarket Solution Provider. GK’s expert ssolutions on pricing strategies, display management, purchasing etc. ensures the supermarket system that will perform even beyond your highest expectations. With the 17 Years of experience of Retail & Supermarket Industry, GK has a vast and gargantuan knowledge in various sectors like groceries, FMCG etc. Adding to this, his impressive ability to understand and cater to the current day consumer needs has helped him easily and effectively setup more than 40 successful Supermarkets and Hypermarkets all over India including two of his own.

Mr. Parimal Gupte

(Managing Director)

Dr. Parimal Gupte embodies a rare blend of theoretical knowledge, practical expertise and youthful dynamism. He is well versed in various fields like Business Coaching, Business Consulting, Retail management, Analytical Research, Operational Research & management, Customer Psychology, Mythology & Culture, etc.

Dr. Gupte’s speeches, seminars and consulting sessions are backed up by scientific facts, meaningful figures and powerful thoughts which results in the blooming of the audience’s mind to never before petals of realization.

His focused and result-oriented approach in the field of Business and Organizational Development has spawned a vast and ever-growing set of satisfied clientele.

Parimal has consulted for more than 500 companies (MNC’s, MSE’s & SME’s) and addressed more than 700,000 people in 1,000+ talks, his Youtube Channel, blog and seminars throughout the Country. As a Youtuber, blogger and seminar leader, he addresses more than 100,000 people each year.

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Mr. Chetan Agrawal


Chetan is an on field executor. It is impossible to limit him to any one particular department. After spending 5 years in a software company and gaining enough experience in USA, he is back to his roots with much stronger expertise to serve.
Chetan has a great mastery over products and brand management. FMCG and premium products are his expertise.
He handles the entire company operations.
Software, MIS reports and technology is his acquired skill. One particular store flows through different stages like designing, technological, product management and performance stage. Chetan keeps a close control over all these departments and make your store reach to its true potential.

Mr. Shirish Kedia


Mr. Shirish Kedia is the fourth pillar of NBA. Mr. Shirish Kedia adds two decades of experience to NBA for the garment, apparel, and fashion industry; helping the company achieve a specialization of clothing to its services.
He manages the fashion & clothing segment of supermarkets and standalone clothing stores. Identification of material, quality management, seasonal purchase, dead stock clearance, etc. are the subjects that Shirish carries in his sleeves.
Mr. Shirish is known for purchasing and procurement of material, for which he himself goes with the clients and selects the materials from the place it is manufactured (a process commonly known as Deshavar) at the lowest possible price.
His long-standing experience and expertise in setting up and running stores in the modern or traditional way make him a perfect person to provide training to the entire team related to clothing.

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Mr. Avinash Kriplani

(Team Manager)
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(Operations Manager)
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Mr. Amit Tekade

(Operations Manager)
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Ms. Shrushti Tiwari

(Administrative Manager)
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