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Mini Market

700Sq.Ft. to 2500Sq.ft self-service stores are called as Mini-marts or Mini markets or mini supermarket plan. Here the most challenging parts are space utilizations, making a perfect category mix with appropriate product selection. We can never avoid or neglect a category of products just because the place is small. Customer’s basket has to be completed. Our expertise comes into picture exactly for this. We make optimal utilization of space and make a perfect category mix with the given budget so our wastage is at minimal and turnovers can touch its peak. How to start a mini supermarket is a very common question and answer is NBA.
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Super Market

2500Sq.ft. to 8000Sq.ft. is a good space to setup a supermarket. We can make a good category mix with great variety of products. But as size, category and turnover increases the challenges also gets added. Here we also need to focus on other challenges as well like inventory management, Reports, display management, staff management, vendor recognitions, billing & bar-coding and many more. With our experience and expertise, we not only help you in reducing the initial project cost but also in the management of all these things. Software plays a very important role in here.
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Hyper/Mega Market

The self-service stores of 8000Sq.ft. to 25000Sq.ft. are called as Mega markets and above those like 25000+ Sq.ft are called as hypermarkets Procurement, software and inventory management system are essentials for these stores. Hypermarket billing software is different, advanced and more efficient. Floor space allocation for each category has to be given due diligence and should always be under strict scrutiny with the help of MIS reports for the better utilization of floor space with regards to the movement of the category. A hypermarket is a big-box store combining a supermarket and a department store. Management and SOPs are of great importance in this segment.

Our Expertise is Your Gain

Right layout and floor plan is the first steps towards a successful supermarket

This a backbone of this business. Your software decides how far you will go.

Well trained and well informed staff will always give you a well managed store.

If you don’t know your numbers you don’t know your business.

Creating offers and schemes is an art to learn. If you don’t get one. Create one.

We decide customers first and last product he is going to purchase.

What We Do For You

We plan your entire supermarket for you. Starting from the layout to product and category finalization, maintaining inventory and display management; everything matters. So we help you in setting up your entire supermarket, minimarket or hypermarket. We are the entire retail business consultants and not just grocery store consultant hence we will be working on your entire retail range of additional products like clothing to heavy electronics.

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Gulshan Kripalani

Retail Expert

After spending more than half of his life in Retail Industry GK is not just a Supermarket Consultant, he is a Superb Market Consultant. His rich experience, massive wealth of knowledge, sharp intellect and a sensitive eye for the ever changing trends of market make him a highly sort after Supermarket Solution Provider.

GK’s expert solutions on pricing strategies, display management, purchasing etc. ensures the supermarket system that will perform even beyond your highest expectations. With the 17 Years of experience of Retail & Supermarket Industry, GK has a vast and gargantuan knowledge in various sectors like groceries, FMCG etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ideal area is 3000sq.ft for 28 primary essential categories. Minimum area in which minimart can be opened is 300sq.ft. and there is no limit for maximum area.

Minimum investment required for Supermarket is 2500 Rupees per sq.ft i.e 25 Lac for 1000sq.ft.

Consultation saves your lots of efforts, covers your lots of mistakes, opens your store much before you could have in a much better & Systematic way and most importantly it saves your lots of Money.

Namaste Business Advisory can help you in each and every stage of your supermarket. Purchasing of goods and products, maintaining margins, how to run offers and schemes, which products to keep what not to keep, how to make a perfect mix of category in a given space, time and budget  is a tricky job of business which can only be handle through the vast experience and knowledge of the same. 

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