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            Namaste Business Advisory can help you in each and every stage of your supermarket. Purchasing of goods and products, maintaining margins, how to run offers and schemes, which products to keep what not to keep, how to make a perfect mix of category in a given space, time and budget  is a tricky job of business which can only be handle through the vast experience and knowledge of the same. We have an experienced team to handle all these complex issues and we turn your store into the ideal supermarket where right from the customer to the sellers both are at ease and comfort. Please have a look at Our Team and you will be rest assured that your dream is into the right hands.


To make this world a better market place through modernized ways of display, management and technology.


1.To promote and expand modern ways of trading.
2. To enable traders with the technology and skills which will help them managing more efficiently.
3. To encourage people to enter into in the modern trade systems like supermarket and hypermarkets.


To Make Every Market Place Convenient for Customer and Profitable for the Retailer.

Core values:
1. Continues Up-gradation
2. Giving 100% and More

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